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Spotlight Headband

Sale! headband for our torches "Turbo" or "Rescue"

Spotlight Super Charger

Offer! Rechargeable LED light and USB power cell

20,00 € *

Spotlight Turbo AdventureKit

Offer! Instead 29,95 Euro: Set with LED flashlightA key chain with carabiner, headband and handlebar holder

Spotlight Rescue

Offer! Instead of 39.95 Euro: LED flashlight with 96 lumens, rechargeable in the cigarette lighter of your car. In nine colors

Spotlight Shifter 2.0

High-power LED flashlight: 110 lumens with 75 meters of light

Spotlight Shifter 3.0

High-power LED flashlight: 200 lumens with 200 meters of light

22,00 € *

Spotlight Shifter 1.0

High-power LED flashlight: 80 lumens with 65 meters of light

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