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Arm- & Hipbags

For when you need to go hands-free! Or if you want your GPS-Logger tob e stored safely so that your personal record is really verifiable.


neopren-case with zipper and belt

19,50 € *

Waist Pack

waterproof hip pouch with roll seal, padded belt, 4 liters capacity, now in Black

Waist belt

Waist belt only, without an Aquapac

9,74 € *

Puncture Pads TPU

for canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber, TPU

7,31 € *

Puncture Pads PVC

against holes in PVC and vinyl

7,31 € *

PRO Sports Mini / Medium Armband Case

our waterproof medium-size armband-case especially for the dataloggers of speedsurfers and kiters or your smartphone.

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