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Puncture Pads TPU


for canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber, TPU

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Puncture-Pad: air- and waterproof:

  • Cut a hole in your Aquapac? Don't worry, now you can fix it!
  • Not just for Aquapacs. They're ideal for fast in-field repairs on tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more.
  • They instantly seal leaking seams, tears and pinholes, stop rips from spreading and act as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas.
  • See-through / transparent.
  • Pack of 5.
  • Super-aggressive adhesive for long lasting repairs.
  • Works on: canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber, TPU.
  • Does NOT work on: PVC, vinyl. But this one.
  • Airtight and Watertight.
  • Just peel and stick - no messy glue.
  • Instant adhesion.
  • For our backpacks and other bags where we use TPU-coated nylon, please stick from the outside and inside.
  • Unique composition stretches and recovers absorbing the force that causes ordinary repair products to fail.
  • Made in the USA.

  • dimensions: 35mm x 35mm / 1.4 x 1.4in.
  • waterproof IP68.
  • submersible.
  • Colour: transparent. The clear foil of the Aquapac is not impair. Don't use it for the repair of our Lenzflex-Foil. The quality of the picture could bei impaired.



  • Clean and dry the damaged area.
  • Cut patch to shape.
  • Smooth over the tear.
  • Repeat on inside of bag if necessary.


The IPX-norm

Aquapac ipx8Swimming and snokeling:

If you repair your case with the puncture-pad, the Aquapac is still submerisble down to five meters. And sand- and dustproof for sure.


Supplied with:

  • a pack of five.
  • 35 x 35 mm / 1.4 x 1.4 in.
  • transparent.

The shipping costs are independend and do not vary depending on the amount of artikles in your placed order:

  • Germany: 3,90 Euro
  • Europe incl Switzerland: 6,90 Euro
  • Rest of the World: 16,90 Euro

How long will the shipping take?

  • Germany: 1 to 2 labour days.
  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 labour days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 labor day

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You have always been vexed about a small hole or tear which made the whole bag no longer usable. Aquapac now has the solution: the repair pad. Simply clean the crack, smooth it, remove pad and stick. Bonds immediately, without the glue somehow getting on the finger or defacing the bag. The adhesive is tested to IP68. Your bag stays submersible to five meters. That is what you bought it for.

Even holes in other equipment such as tents, backpacks or bags can be repaired with it. However, not PVC or Vinyl.


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