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Waterproof Insulin Pump Case


small waterproof case with cable entry for microphone, charging cable or insulin pump

Art.-No.: 158-Insulin

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  • Use your insulin pump normally in the case as sound and signal pass right through the material.
  • The airtight seal means your equipment will float safely if you drop it in water.
  • with adjustable hip belt up to max.115cm hip circumference.
  • CAUTION! We recommend the case for surface use only. Not for submersion.
  • Please read our safety advice under "in use"
  • Content not included in the delivery.

Can I use insulin pumps in the AQUAPAC?

Since many inquiries for waterproof bags for insulin pumps are received, Aquapac UK from Imperial College London has carried out an examination of the Aquapac models "Radio Microphone" (identical to the bag 158 insulin pump *) and "Connected Electronics 558" * (is with the identical guide rail of the 158 * equipped) with insulin pumps.

The results show that in some cases, the flow of insulin can be reduced by closing the Aquapac. Small flow rates are particularly difficult. Therefore Aquapac assumes no liability for the consequences of using insulin pumps in Aquapacs. Use is at the discretion of the user. Aquapac has been recommended that users of insulin pumps in Aquapacs regularly check their blood sugar levels if they do not follow our recommendations.

The tests were carried out by the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine with a Roche Accu-Chek Spirit insulin pump in August 2006 - at an ambient temperature of 20 ° C and insulin quantities of 2 and 10 units / hour.

The amounts of insulin delivered over 60 minutes were measured as follows:
2U / h without Aquapac: 0.0131g (flow rate 100%)
2U / h in Aquapac radio microphone / insulin pump: 0.0106g (flow rate 81%)
2U / h in Aquapac radio microphone / insulin pump (2nd test model): 0.0056g (flow rate 42%)
2U / h in Aquapac Connected Electronics: 0.0121g (flow rate 92%)
10U / h without Aquapac: 0.0864g (flow rate 100%)
10U / h in Aquapac radio microphone / insulin pump: 0.0878g (flow rate 100%)
10U / h in Aquapac Connected Electronics: 0.0903g (flow rate 100%)


* By changing the color of the film, article number 154 has now changed to 158. Otherwise, the 154 and 158 are identical.

**Using a Freestyle Navigator (Abbott): the receiver fits  for Mini Camera or Small Electronics (if you want to use it in a neck pouch) or Pro Sports (if you want to use it in an armbag).

Maximum size of equipment to fit in case:
Length: 6in/150mm
Circumference: 6.25in/160mm

The belt has a length of 45,3in/115cm

Maximum size:

Aquapac Insulinpumpe wasserdicht

What stops the water getting in?

Kategorie 3

The connected electronics are tested to IPX6, which means as waterproof as you can get without actually immersing the bags underwater. Fire-hose proof! The testing: Protected against heavy seas - Water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a flow rate of 100 liters/min at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 meters. Floating on the surface is no problem, submersible for a very short time.

What keeps water, sand & dust out?

Aquapac IPX8

The patented Aquaclip® seals the case - with a simple twist of a couple of levers. It's been tested to the toughest international waterproofing standards. If you haven't seen one before, read our quick guide to the Aquaclip.

How have you improved this case recently?

2008 sees us going '100% PVC-Free'. Our new material (TPU) offers a number of advantages:

  • It's softer and more malleable. Making it even easier to operate your PDA or Smartphone controls through the material.
  • It'll perform much better if you want to take it somewhere really cold. It'll still be soft and malleable at -40º and below.
  • It has a greater tensile strength, meaning it's even more difficult to tear or rip apart.
  • We've added optically-clear LENZFLEX windows to the back making the Aquapac cameraphone-friendly.

Supplied with:

  • An adjustable belt

What does shipping cost?

  • We ship your order in our online store by DHL or Deutsche Post.
  • The shipping costs are independent of the quantity as well as the weight of the ordered goods.
  • The shipping costs are shown depending on the country of delivery in the order process. More information here.
  • We ship in Germany and Europe including Switzerland.

How long does the shipping take?

  • Germany: 1 to 2 working days
  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 working days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 working day
  • All shipping methods are traceable. Please ask us if it should take longer. If you order online, you will receive a shipping notification by email within one business day.

The Insulin Pump case features the 'TC' Aquaclip a wire-thru seal which is watertight allowing wires up to 2.5mm (1/10th inch) thick to be used with your equipment.

Now includes a belt so you can wear the case around your waist.

Special Note: the use of Aquapac cases with Insulin Pumps

Aquapac have commissioned research by Imperial College London into the use of the 154* (Radio Microphone case) and 554* (Connected Electronics case) after receiving a large number of customer enquiries regarding their suitability for use with insulin pumps. Results show that, in some circumstances, insulin flow rate can be reduced by the case. In particular, low flow rates are impeded, and as such Aquapac can make no claim regarding the suitability of these cases with insulin pumps. Use of these cases for insulin pumps is entirely at the discretion of the user. Aquapac has been advised to recommend that users of Aquapac cases with insulin pumps regularly check their blood sugar levels.

The tests were conducted by Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine using a Roche Accu-Check Spirit insulin pump at a temperature of 20C at flow rates of 2U/hr and 10U/hr.
The amounts of insulin delivered over 60 minutes observed were as follows:

2U/hr not in case - 0.0131g (flow rate of 100%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 154/insulin-pump - 0.0106g (flow rate of 81%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 154/insulin pump - 0.0056g (2nd test model)(flow rate of 42%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 554 (clamp identically to the Aquapac 154)- 0.0121g (flow rate of 92%)

10U/hr not in case - 0.0864g (flow rate of 100%)
10U/hr in Aquapac 154/insulin pump - 0.0878g (flow rate of 100%)
10U/hr in Aquapac 554/insulin pump - 0.0903g (flow rate of 100%)

21st August 2006

*While we changed the colour of the foil the article-number is 158 now. The rest of the case 154 is similar with 158.


What our customers say:

"Thank you again for everything. You have no idea how happy my son will be to go in the water on vacation."

Phyllis Powell-Hodgkins, USA

"To Aquapac. My Name is Susi Koch and I'd like to let you know that your Aquapac cases have been a wonderful find. I have a 6 year old son, Eric, who is an Insulin Dependant Diabetic and wears the insulin pump. We have discovered that your small wire-thru case is the perfect size to hold a small insulin pump. It is so much easier to go to the pool and especially the beach now that we don't have to worry about the pump getting sand and debris in it. The neoprene case is the perfect compliment to the small wire-thru case in that it enables Eric to wear the pump comfortably. I own a small company where I design and sell insulin pump packs for kids and adults. I've added some of your Aquapac cases to my website and I have to say that customers are very excited. Thank You!"

Susi Koch, E K Access, USA

"Last week I was on wellness-vacation. The hotel had a great thermal-pool I used once or twice a day. While I`m using a catheter which cannot be removed, I used the Aquapac. I have to say: it works without any problems. The pump stayed dry. So I don`t have to check the level every time and not to inject the insulin regular.A big thank you!!!"

Britta Goercke, Ludwigshafen

"I am a sound man for motion pictures and in fact I had used your products in the past on a film for which I was fortunate enough to receive an Academy Award (Oscar) as well as a BAFTA nomination. The film was TITANIC and the Aquapacs were modified to waterproof wireless microphone transmitters. They were one of my secret weapons for getting the sound on that film. Great product."

Mark Ulano, USA


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