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Noatak Wet & Dry Bag: 15, 25, 35 or 60 liter 15 liter


lightweight waterproof bags in 15, 25, 35 or 60 liters

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not available anymore, please have a look at the other sizes


  • 15 Liter, 25 Liter, 35 Liter or 60 Liter
  • Grey and orange
  • adjustable straps to wear it as a backpack or shoulderbag. Or just as a bag.
  • Lashtab to tie down to to canoe, bike or raft. Ideal for SUP riding, for the dinghy or for swimming to the beach.
  • middle-sheet for separate storage of wet and dry items.
  • manufactured from lightweight TPU-coated fabrics.
  • welded seams.
  • a classic 3-roll seal for complete waterproofing to IPX6 (that´s fire-hose proof!).
  • weight: only 342 gram, 392 gram, 450 gram or 520 gram.
  • Content not included in the delivery.

Four Sizes, Two Colours

We offer a choice of 15, 25, 35 or 60 liters.

And a choice of either High-Visibility Marine Safety Orange. Or cool Urban Grey.






Aquapac Noatak Abmessungen

Aquapac Noatak Abmessungen

What stops the water getting in?

Kategorie 3

The Noatak uses a simple and well-proven roll-seal closure. You can roll it over as many times as you like but we reckon 3 times is all you need to give you a 100% waterproof seal.

What keeps the water out?

AQuapac stormproof Kategorie 3

Roll up the upper end of the bag three times and close the buckle. Now, no rain or spray comes in.

How to wear:

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Our suggestion

If you think about it... you don't want to be swimming with a big, bouyant bag on your back because it'll force you face down in the water, so please don't attempt to swim with any waterproof bag on your back.

Sam "Can`t breathe underwater" Miller, customer

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Extreme Versatility -> Multiple Benefits

The Noatak is extraordinarily adaptable to suit a wide range of different lifestyles, tasks and pursuits. If you're going out walking, biking or paddling it makes a comfortable, lightweight daypack. If you're going sailing you can use it as a stash bag, or as an emergency grab bag.

Abrasion-Resistant, Lightweight, PVC-Free

The Noatak is made of Ripstop Nylon. Ripstop is a woven fabric that has an extra thread added to the weave which stops a tear or rip from travelling across or down the fabric.

The fabric is PU-coated to keep water out. Even under pressure. Even underwater.

Other Features and Benefits

Seal it tightly and it's both submersible and buoyant.

It has two internal pockets - so you can keep wet stuff and dry stuff separate inside the same bag.

The proven roll-seal closure forms a simple carry handle. It's also supplied with straps that turn it into a daypack - and in this mode it's a really comfy fit for those of us with narrow shoulders.

Noatak bags come with compression straps too - to make for a more compact bag.

Alternatively, use a single strap and just sling it over your shoulder. Or attach it to your bike, boat or kayak using the reinforced attachment patch and compression straps.

Click here to view how you may wear your Noatak bag.

What our customers say:

"I am completely impressed with the materials used in this bag, the quality of construction, and its flexibility of use. It is easy to see that this bag will last a long time. The seams and the tie-down area of the bag will never come apart (believe me, I tried). If you sail, kayak or do things where you will get wet you will want to own one or two of them."

Scott Johnson, Kansas, USA
Adventure Traveller, Biker, Kayaker, Skier and Whitewater Rafter

Why Noatak?

The Noatak River is a wild and scenic river in Alaska, sought out by adventurous kayakers and whitewater rafting enthusiasts.

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