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DiCAPac iPad™ Mini Case waterproof


Bargain: instead of 35 €! Waterproof neck pouch with roll-seal closure and lanyard

Art.-No.: WP-i20m-b

from 18,00 € *
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  • waterproof neck pouch for your personal valuables
  • 100% waterproof to a depth of 10 meters.
  • perfect for keys, money & cards. Passport, car keys or smartphone fit easily
  • if you want to protect e-books, cell phones, MP3 players or wallets.
  • clear front to find the content quickly. The back is mostly opaque
  • swims with content through an integrated air cushion
  • with a wide lanyard so that it does not cut into the neck
  • Also suitable for mini tablets or e-book readers with a screen size of roundabout 7 '' such as Galaxy ™ Tab, Kindle Fire ™ or Tolino
  • You use your touchscreen through the clear TPU-foil on the front. Or speak
  • smartphone signal (also Bluetooth), speaking, listening, ringtone, GPS signal, operation and touchscreen are no problem thanks to the film.
  • special foil window on the back. This allows you to take pictures underwater with the mobile phone camera. *
  • Secure and reliable locking system with both zip fastener and double roll-up Velcro fastener
  • The UV-stabilized TPU / PVC material does not become brittle or yellow when exposed to the sun
  • salt water resistent
  • The bag also protects against dust and sand. And also against sunscreen
  • in six colors: black, white, yellow, green, pink and blue.
  • Content not included.

** A touchscreen usually does not work underwater. Photo triggering is therefore only possible via buttons. In the operating system settings, the photo trigger function can be assigned to the device's volume down button. With videos you can switch on the function above the waterline.

Does your iPad™ mini fit?

The iPad™ mini case is especially designed and manufacturered for Apples mini. But also fits comparably sized mini tablets from other manufacturers. To find out if your device fits, measure and compare with the graphic below. Or click here.

Inner size:

Dicapac wasserdicht Mini-Tablet iPad Mini Kindle Galaxy Handytasche smartphonetasche Nexus Galaxy iPhone Aquapac Aryca
maximum size of your electronic that fits in the case


Outer size of the bag flat: 155mm x 230mm, weight: 70g, material: TPU, PVC, PC.

The IPX-norm

Dicapac wasserdicht Handytasche smartphonetasche Nexus Galaxy iPhone Aquapac Aryca

Swimming and snorkeling: Our submersible range is all guaranteed to JIS IPX8, which means continuous immersion under conditions of the manufacture`s choice. Japanes Industrial Standard testing is to the equivalent of 10m/33ft for 1 hour.

What keeps water, sand & dust out?

the approved zip and roll seal keeps water, sand and dust out of the case. Just zip roll twice and secure it with the velcro. For maximum waterproof and saveness.

Will I really get good photos through plastic?

Yes! We use a special flexible lens material, unscratchable polycarbonate. It's optically-clear. You get the lens material on the back of the case, so you can use your camera on the back of your smartphone. The Window is large enough so that it fits for all kind of smartphones. And the sturdy but flexible material at the front allows you to operate all the controls.

Ok, not every photo is going to be perfect. But we're all used to that aren't we! Most of the time nobody will be able to tell you were using a case.

Supplied with:

  • It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck
  • in six different colors

The shipping costs are independend and do not vary depending on the amount of articles in your placed order:

  • Germany: 3,90 Euro
  • Europe incl. Switzerland: 6,90 Euro
  • Rest of the World: 16,90 Euro

How long will the shipping take?

  • Germany: 1 to 2 labor days
  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 labor days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 labor days

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You have got your iPad™ mini and want to take the expensive electronics with you anywhere. If you are often outdoors in any weather or on the water, you know the problems: water, sand and dirt threaten the device. So just put it into a Dicapac. And everything is safe. Speaking and listening qualities are not compromised, same for the reception. And even the touch screen works . And on the back we have welded in a special clear photo film. So you can take pictures with your tablet as usual or make videos.

Or reading your favorite book at the beach, without sunscreen or sand the device harming the electronics. And if you go into the water and are afraid of theft? Hang the case around your neck and pack in your valuables additionally. And everything is safe. And potential thieves out in the cold ...

Or if the little ones want to play their computer games on Dad's expensive device. No problem. That even works now in the pool.

Have you ever considered that the salty sea air attacks your device and leads to corrosion? Our Dicapac protects it. And scratchy sand also belongs to the past.

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