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Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

Drybag for your personell first aid, signal red, 3 liters

24,00 € *

Waterproof Deluxe SUP Backpack

Limited Edition! Waterproof backpack for SUP & Co., 36 liters

Upano™ waterproof Duffels

waterproof travel bag with roll seal and vent valve in 40, 70 or 90 liters

TrailProof™ waterproof Duffels

Duffel with roll seal in 40, 70 or 90 liters. Made of durable vinyl

Puncture Pads TPU

for canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber, TPU

8,50 € *

Puncture Pads PVC

against holes in PVC and vinyl

8,50 € *


waterproof luggage bag in 2, 4, 8 or 13 liters. For quick recovery of your equipment

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