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DiCAPac Smartphone Case mini

instead of 24,95€: waterproof smartphone case with roll seal for smaller devices. Available in six colors. Usable as a keybag also

DiCAPac Keykeeper II. waterproof

instead of 24,95€: waterproof keykeeper with roll seal for car key, cards or money. Available in six colors.

Desiccant-Sheets micro not for action cams only

Offer: instead for 11,90 €. Stockpile with 12 slides and 2 zip-bags. Against fogging in pockets and cases.

10,00 € *


Offer: instead 11,90 €. Live Saver for your smartphone in case of water damage

10,00 € *

DiCAPac Multipurpose Case medium

Offer: instead of 24,95 €. Waterproof case with roll closure

Aryca Hardbox wire through

Sale! Instead of 50 Euro: waterproof hardcase with headphone jack

15,00 € *


easy to form gumstick for positioning your smartphone

Stormproof Phone Case Mini

waterproof case for small smartphones / mobile phones from our Stormprof series, not suitable for submerging

20,00 € *

DiCAPac WP-One

Offer! Instead of 34 Euro: waterproof bag with roll-seal for small digital camera

20,00 € *

Aryca Xcite-4s Hardbox

Offer! Instead of 40 €: Waterproof hard case for leisure, sports, boat or electronics

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