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Stormproof Pouch


waterproof IPX6 protective case for storing personal valuables

Art.-No.: 036/046

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  • Our stormproof pouch of Aquapacs Stormproof Range of roll-seals bags.
  • For all Outdoor-Fans, who won`t worry about their personal belongings like money, purse, keys or your medicine like an asthma inhalator.
  • You can protect you small electronics with this case, but you can´t  use it through the foil.
  • manufactured from TPU-coated Ripstop Nylon. 100% PVC free.
  • Its guaranteed waterproof to IPX6, which means the bag is as waterproof as you can get without actually immersing it under water. Fire-hose proof!
  • The UV-stabilized TPU material won't be broken down or discoloured by sunlight.
  • It keeps out dust and sand, too.
  • Content not included in the delivery.

What fits?

The Aquapac Stormproof pouch of our stormproof range fits personal valuables like purse, keys, cards or medicine like an asthma inhalator. Or the average small phones/mobiles/cellphones and GPS units. Be aware that this pouch is only for protection. You can´t use your electronics through the foil.

Size of the case:

Aquapac small Electronic stormproof Aquapac stormproof

Biggest size of your electronic to fit:

w 88mm x l 115mm x d 12mm

Outer size of the bag:

w 115x l 155mm

Our categorization:

Kategorie 3

On tour even if it rains cats and dogs:  Our stormproof range of roll-seal bags  is all guaranteed to IPX6, which means as waterproof as you can get without actually immersing the bags under water. Fire-hose proof!

What keeps water, sand & dust out?

Aquapac stormproof Kategorie 3

Roll down the upper end of the bag three times and close the buckle. And no rain, water, sand or dust will intrude anymore.

Supplied with:

  • It comes with an adjustable neckcord so you can hang it round your neck.
  • It comes with a beltloop.
  • carabiner as an extra available.

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The shipping costs are independend and do not vary depending on the amount of artikles in your placed order:

  • Germany: 3,90 Euro
  • Europe incl. Switzerland: 6,90 Euro
  • Rest of the World: 16,90 Euro

How long will the shipping take?

  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 labor days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 labor days

Buy with confidence:

This bag was designed in England. We could have given the usual two-year warranty. But to show you our confidence in our product, we give an extended manufacturer's warranty in addition to the statutory warranty. The statutory warranty applies for the first two years after the date of purchase. From the third year after the date of purchase, we voluntarily grant an additional warranty of three years. You can find out more here.

And: With every bag you will receive an instruction manual in correct German (and correct English, French ...). With a lot of tips for the best results.

If you're the active-in-the-Great-Outdoors type and you have to take your personal valuables like money, keys, passport or your medicine like an asthma inhaltor with you. Suddenly it starts to rain. When you use this pouch you know everythin is save. No trouble. And it protects your small electronical advice  agaisnt rain, sand or dust. Please be aware that you can´t use your device through the foil, it´s just for protection.


If you wanna use your electronics  for snorkeling or if you are not sure that the case and your electronic device inside will drop into water and submerse only for a short time, than have a look on our Aquapacs waterproof-case. This range is 100% waterproof for five meters for at least one hour under the IPX8-category.

To protect your valuables against humidity, please put a desiccant sachet inside the pouch!

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