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iPad Mini

iPad Mini™/Medium-Electronics/Whanganui

waterproof case for mini-tablets or e-Book Reader

38,00 € *

NEW! iPad™/Tablet PC-Case 9,3 to 10,5''

Waterproof Case for iPad, Tablet, E-Book Reader & Co. with Lenzflex-foil for brilliant videos and fotos

50,00 € *

Medium Electronic long

waterproof chest bag extralang. Also suitable for electronic devices

36,00 € *


waterproof chest bag for passport, smartphone, credit card & Co.

NEW! Smartphone plus-plus

Now in green or black! Smartphone-Case plus plus for iPhone Pro Max, Note, S20 ultra or comparable smartphones of other brands.

Large Phone/GPS/VHF

waterproof phone case XL. Submersible down to ten meters, touchscreen works through the foil

36,00 € *

iPad™/Tablet PC-Case up to 11''

Waterproof Case for iPad, Tablet, E-Book Reader & Co.

50,00 € *

Connected Electronics large

large waterproof case with an additional wire-through clamp for microphone, insulin-pump or charge cable

86,00 € *

iPad Pro™-Case

waterproof case for the iPad Pro or comparable devices

65,00 € *

Backpack waterproof: 25 or 35 Liters

waterproof backpack with 25 or 35 liter and additional waterproof inner pockets

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