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Check out here - amongst other things - our brilliant new Stormproof™ Messenger Bag.

MP3 /smartphone case large & headphone

Smartphone plus case with headphone jack, armband and waterproof headphone. Submersible down to ten meters

NEW! Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

Drybag for your personell first aid, signal red, 3 liters

16,58 € *

Mini Phone / iPhone™ / GPS bike-rail mounted

Offer: instead of 59,90! Waterproof smartphone bag with handlebar / rail holder

Smartphone plus / Phablet

Smartphone-Case plus for iPhone Pro Max*, Note or others of comparable size. Submersible down to ten meters

35,09 € *

NEW! Smartphone plus-plus

Smartphone-Case plus plus for iPhone Pro Max, Note, S20 ultra or comparable smartphones of other brands. Submersible to ten meters

37,04 € *

iPod™/MP3 Player-Case & waterproof headphone

waterproof case for MP-3 players or small mobile phones, with headphone output and waterproof headphones

77,98 € *

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