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TrailProof™ waterproof Drybags


drybag with 7,15, 25 or 70 liters in acid green

Art.-No.: 711-713-715-717

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New models with shoulder strap can be found here

TrailProof™ waterproof Drybags: 

  • Aquapacs range of drybags: These are tough and simple drybags which allow you to pack and go, wherever you need to go
  • Of course waterproof to IPX 6
  • For travel, rafting, camping, sailing, expeditions and outdoor tours
  • In 3 sizes: 7 liters, 15 liters, 25 liters or 70 liters
  • lightweight: 213g/7,5oz; 345g/12,1oz; 420g/14,8oz  or 746g/26,3oz
  • They are made from tough 500D vinyl to withstand all the knocks that you experience on the trail
  • flat bottom
  • It is really simple to seal these drybags, just roll the top down 3 times.
  • The bright colour means you can easily spot your gear amongst everyone else's, and it reduces how hot they'll get if left out in the sun.
  • Content not included in the delivery.


  • In 3 sizes: 7 liters, 15 liters or 70 liters
  • lightweight: 213g/7,5oz; 345g/12,1oz; 746g/26,3oz
  • Made of 500D Reinforced Vinyl

The Sizes (rollseal closed):

Aquapac wasserdicht drybag Rucksack TrailProof Aquapac wasserdicht drybag Rucksack TrailProof
TrailProof™ Drybag 7 Liters TrailProof™ Drybag 15 Liters
Aquapac wasserdicht drybag Rucksack TrailProof
TrailProof™ Drybag 25 Liters TrailProof™ Drybag 70 Liters

What stops the water getting in?

Kategorie 3

The TrailProof™ waterproof drybags uses a simple and well-proven roll-seal closure. You can roll it over as many times as you like but we reckon 3 times is all you need to give you a 100% waterproof seal.

What keeps the water out?

AQuapac stormproof Kategorie 3

Roll up the upper end of the bag three times and close the buckle. Now, no rain or spray comes in.

  • The drybag in your chosen size: 7, 15, 25 or 70 liters
  • in cool Acid green
  • with roll-up closure system

The shipping costs are independend and do not vary depending on the amount of artikles in your placed order:

  • Germany: 3,90 Euro
  • Europe incl. Switzerland: 6,90 Euro
  • Rest of the World: 16,90 Euro

How long will the shipping take?

  • Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux: 2 to 4 labor days
  • Rest of Europe: 3 to 7 labor days

Buy with confidence:

This case was designed in the UK and made for us in China. We could have stuck at the standard one-year guarantee, but to demonstrate to you our total confidence in our product quality we give you a five-year global warranty. Click here to learn more.

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You can store a lot of luggage in this waterproof bag. When you are traveling, for example go on board, when rafting, camping or on expedition.

And when it rains or it gets rougher: No water will come into the bag. In the evening you still have dry clothes when it comes to eat or you let the day end comfortably. Wherever. Around the campfire.

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