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Want to use your phone to film the amazing underwater life in the Maldives? Or maybe just want to mess about with your mates at the waterpark in Mexico?

Mini Phone/iPhone5™/GPS

medium waterproof smartphone-case for iPhone5 or comparable size. Submersible down to ten meters, touchscreen works through the foil

31,19 € *

Waterproof Deluxe Expedition SUP Duffel

Limited Edition! Waterproof SUP-bag with roll seal and vent valve in 80 liters

Waist Pack

waterproof hip pouch with roll seal, padded belt, 4 liters capacity, now in Black

MP3 /smartphone case large & headphone

Smartphone plus case with headphone jack, armband and waterproof headphone. Submersible down to ten meters

iPad Pro™-Case

waterproof case for the iPad Pro or comparable devices

63,36 € *

Smartphone plus / Phablet

Smartphone-Case plus for iPhone Pro Max*, Note or others of comparable size. Submersible down to ten meters

35,09 € *

NEW! Smartphone plus-plus

Smartphone-Case plus plus for iPhone Pro Max, Note, S20 ultra or comparable smartphones of other brands. Submersible to ten meters

37,04 € *


waterproof "keykeeper" also for medicines, ID card, PDM or money

26,32 € *


opaque hip bag for passport, small camera or smartphone, also wearable as a chest bag

38,99 € *

Upano™ waterproof Duffels

waterproof travel bag with roll seal and vent valve in 40, 70 or 90 liters

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