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How to repair an Aquapac?

We've all done it; accidentally stuck a hole in something or dropped a piece of gear.
The good news is that most small areas of accidental damage to Aquapac cases can be repaired very easily -with our puncture pads for canvas, neoprene, nylon, PU, rubber and TPU or  PVC and Vinyl.

However, we have to say that any damage to the sealing system, hard parts or welds of a case isn't easily repairable and you should contact us for advice.

Repairs that won't work very well

We've tried a load of different things over the years in order to find the best solutions for repairs, and here's some which didn't work so well...

  • Hot Glue Gun - not a permanant bond to the case
  • Superglue - doesn't work at all
  • Duct Tape - peels off and leaves a sticky residue
  • Electrical Tape, Scotch Tape - don't stick properly and aren't waterproof
  • Soldering Iron - burning TPU gives off nasty fumes, please don't!
  • Elastoplast - don't be silly
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