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Why desiccants?

Desiccant sachets inside the Aquapac prevents condensation inside the case.  

Why do I need desiccants? A desiccant in the Aquapac prevents condensate forms in the bag. Especially in humid climates humidity is included when closing the Aquapac. If the contained air now cools down, for example in the water or in air conditioned rooms, then the cooled air can no longer hold the moisture and releases it. It condenses and the bag (and the camera) fog inside.Our Wisepac Desiccants are ideal for applications where water vapor is in the air: practically everywhere. For in the air is always water vapor, more in summer, less in winter. If you have something to pack or protect the desiccant ensures that the moisture is absorbed and held under 50 percent relative humidity. Water vapor cannot condense and cause damage to your valuable cargo, your collection, your electronic instruments then.





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