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Rule of thumb:

Our electronic cases (inner size)*:

Aquapac iPhone Tasche wasserdicht Aquapac small ecelctronic wasserdicht Samsung S3
Art.-No. 108 iPhone 5/Smartphone-Case up to 4,2'' Art.-No. 348: Small Electronic/S4-Case up to 6,1'' Art.-No. 358: Smartphone plus-Case up to 6,7''
Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche eBook Kindle Amazon Aquapac wasserdichte Tasche iPad Galaxy Kindle Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche Notebook tablet Aquapack

Art.-No. 658: Medium Electronic for eBook/Kindle/Galaxy up to 7,5''

Art.-No. 668: iPad-/Galaxy-/Tablet-Case up to 10,5''

Art.-No. 670: iPad Pro Case for Tablet/PC/Notebook up to 12,9''
Aquapac wasserdicht Tasche Notebook tablet Aquapack    
Art.-No. 674: Jumbo Whanganui for Tablet/PC/Notebook up to 15,7'', sold out    


*Specificaction depends of the thickness of your electronic. In doubt please measure the circumferences and have a look on the graphic under each article.



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