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Latest News and Updates at Aquapac - 100% wasserdichte Schutztaschen

13.08.2019 - Help with water damage


"Rescue Kit" in the field test

The Einhaus group blog tested our Rescue Kit and concluded, "Data recovery on non-waterproof smartphones and other devices does not hurt to have such a rescue kit in place, whether it's always working or not it's not a guarantee, but if the precious photos and documents are suddenly locked up in a water-damage device, any means are right to recover them, right? "
The blog has "sacrificed" two functioning mobile phones and thrown them into the water: both have survived this practical test. Both devices were packaged in the Rescue Kit, both working again after the test. If you want to read the complete test, here is the Link


And here is the link to the rescue set.




06.07.2019 - Summer, sun, sand - and thieves

Summer, sun, sand - and thieves: Where to go with Smartphone & Co.?

Smartphones have become our constant companions. No place where we do not take it with us, including the beach, the swimming lake the swimming pool or the pool. It would be too bad if you can not share nice moments or take pictures.
If there are no dangers lurking there: thieves, sun heat, sand and water. Everyone is after the good piece. The loss of the device could perhaps still cope, but not the loss of data.
This is where Aquapac comes into play. We can help against all four problems. Just put the smartphone, mini-tablet or tablet in our waterproof bag and take it everywhere, even into the water or underwater. The waterproof seal Aquapac even guarantees a depth of ten meters. And best of all, smartphones and the like remain fully operable through the slide, be it talking on the phone, texting, listening to music or operating the touch screen. Even the photo function is completely guaranteed by a special photo film. A photo of the reef dwellers to the loved ones? That would be something.

Our smartphone-cases here.


09.01.2019 - Six New at Aquapac

We have a few new articles. For those who like to drive SUP and want to pack their gear waterproof. But not only for them. Take a look.

Or take a visit to our booth at the Düsseldorf Boat Show from January, 19th to January, 27th: hall 12, booth B 68.


Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag Deluxe Expeditions SUP Duffel Deluxe Expedition SUP backpack
Trailproof Small VHF Pro Waist Pack, now in black Smartphone plus plus



09.12.2018 - Aquapac at the 50. Boat Show Düsseldorf


At the 50th Boat Show Düsseldorf

Aquapac-Aquaman, the specialist in waterproof bags, is also present at the 50th edition of Boat Show Düsseldorf, the world's largest water sports fair. From Saturday, January 19th to Sunday, January 27th, we will be in Hall 12, Booth B 68 from 10 am to 6 pm: at the same place as in previous years.

And as in previous years, we have our full range of waterproof bags on board, which can be purchased as usual. To pack your Smartphone, Tablet & Co waterproof immediately and to be safely positioned for the new season.
If you are traveling as a dealer, supplier or buyer of larger quantities, make an appointment with our Managing Director Petra Lichtenberg at Or just drop anchor at our place - we always have a mooring available.

By the way: Aquapac-Aquaman Deutschland GmbH as the exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland will also be celebrating its birthday. In 2019 we are 25 years old. Many thanks for your trust. More later.


19.09.2018 - Wind God has a look


In early September, the German championship in speed wind surfing again took place on the Orther bay in front of Fehmarn. Birger Bruhns, who has been sponsored by Aquapac for years, was also there. He occupies the tenth place among 30 participants. In the men's race, Michael Naumann won, Anja Kruse took the lead in the women's category.

The protected but large bay of Orth has the advantage of designing the course depending on the wind direction. In order to catch enough wind for the Speed ??DM in the persistent summer weather, a good line belongs to the wind gods. After a few practice runs, the Connections paid off: The first three races could be driven. With two won races, Michael Naumann from Warnemünde took the lead. Uwe Sören Schmidt was second, followed by Ralf Ewers. The maximum speed was 34.5 knots (63.89 km / h) on this day. For the women, Anja Kruse from Hannover was ahead of Birgit Höfer from Albershausen and Katrin Nürnberg from Lübeck.

After two sunny days of lull - Armin Höfer won the buoy throwing - two more races were held on September 6th, this time on the shortened 250 meter track. Both Uwe Sören Schmidt and Michael Naumann were able to secure another victory here. It was also Michael Naumann who secured the title on the final day in the sixth and final race with another victory. Vice-champion was Uwe Sören Schmidt and last year's champion Ralf Ewers was third.

Anja Kruse won the ladies' ranking, followed by last year's winner Birgit Höfer and Katrin Nürnberg. In the youth classification Henrik Ewers won ahead of Michel Gutbier and Patrick Feldmann.

Birger Bruhns, whose GPS loggers were packaged safely and watertight in the Aquapac as always, drew his own conclusions. In six races in eight days, the wind was so weak that "unfortunately" only the biggest sails with 7.8 and 8.6 square meters were used. Birger Bruhns: "I am with more than 100 kilos the lighter riders but something inferior. "

The articles from our so varied assortment were very well received by the participants at the award ceremony. Aquapac had again provided products.

More about Birger Bruhns here.


18.09.2018 - New iPhones - matching cases from Aquapac

Apple has introduced the new iPhones XS, XS Max and XR and will bring them soon on the market. Aquapac already has the matching bags: The XS fits into our Small Electronics, the XS Max and the XR in our Smartphone Plus. If you want to hear music in adverse weather conditions, we have our Smartphone large with headphone jack.

26.08.2018 - Speedsurfer - German Championship 2018


German Championship in Speed Windsurfing 2018

The material is spotted and directed, possibly even packed: On September 1, the German championships in speed windsurfing will begin on Fehmarn. Orth is firmly in the hands of the surfers until Saturday, September 8th. If there were not enough races, the Sunday is also added. The German Champions are determined in three classes: men, women and young people, seniors are evaluated separately in individual classes.
Aquapac is a sponsor.


Speedsurfing is the Formula 1 wind-powered water craft. Speeds beyond the 60 km / h let the adrenalin boil in the veins, the speed surfers report. Dangers become an exact measured course of 100, 250 or 500 meters
In the fight against the clock, the Speed discipline is aimed primarily at the individualists who have perfectly matched their material to tickle every ounce of speed out of the board. In slalom, the fastest material is less important than board control and a good jibe.

How do speed surfers measure speed?

In many national and international speed races, an almost exact speed is determined by electronic hand timekeeping and transmitted immediately to a scoreboard. Later, the exact times are checked via the video recordings and corrected if necessary.
Since 2006, almost exclusively GPS devices are used, creating many new options in the area selection, and the surfer can immediately read his times on his GPS device. The most used GPS device is the GT-31 from Amaryllo or Locosys. For the Aquapac has a matching waterproof wrist bag on offer.

Where do races take place?

For speed surfing the speed surfers need as smooth as possible water and wind with at least 5 Beaufort. In addition to the strength of the wind, the direction of the speed is crucial. Ideal are wind directions with about 114 to 120 degrees, in the extreme case up to 150 degrees to the driven course.
Since the speed route should be as parallel to the shore as possible due to the time measurement and the smooth water, there are some preferred spots: Starting from the nearby areas on the North and Baltic Sea or in the south of France (Leucate), the legendary Tarifa in Spain and - known by various World Records - the beach of Sotavento on Fuerteventura.


12.07.2018 - 30.000 CHF for a children's home


Conclusion of the Challenge

Swiss Mocean has drawn a line under its crossing of the Atlantic in a rowboat as part of the Talisker ™ Whiskey Atlantic Challenge 2018. Laurenz, Luca, Yves and Marlin were rowing from the Canary Island of La Gomera to Antigua in new record time, unfortunately a boat was even faster.

With the help of the sponsors, the handsome sum of CHF 30,000 was also collected. The complete sum was handed over to PeCA, the Swiss children's home in Romania ( The quartet: "This can significantly improve the fate of the children and we can all be very proud of that."

"Together we wrote Swiss sports history," the four are happy in their letter of thanks to all supporters: "We could learn a lot from the project and although we are all back in everyday life, we will probably for the rest of our lives a part Atlantic in us. We are infinitely grateful for that. "
The SFR has filmed a four-part SRF documentation of the crossing that is available online here: Link

Aquapac has supported the four with waterproof bags for their Atlantic crossing.


27.06.2018 - Save on festivals with your smartphone



Save on festivals with your smartphone

Fan Mile or Public Viewing, Festival or Open Air Concert: There are plenty of opportunities - alright, one less - where to tour this summer. And where, of course, the smartphone must be there to capture unforgettable moments. Blue skies, bright sunshine or a cozy summer night is what everyone wants. The reality is often different: rain, dust or mud. How does the smartphone overcome these challenges?
With an Aquapac. Simply open the clip, put the smartphone in the 100% waterproof and dustproof case, close the clip again. And then your expensive loyal companion nothing more can happen. Despite the all-round protection, the device remains fully operable. Touchscreen, Bluetooth, phone calls, speech or hearing work without any negative effects through the foil. And so that photos or videos without loss of quality something, Aquapac has built a photo-realistic photo film. Despite rain: Smartphone out and catch every moment.


10.03.2018 - Freya Hoffmeister is on the second leg


Freya Hoffmeister is on the way again. On Friday, March 9, 2018, she started her second leg of the circumnavigation of North America in a kayak. She started in Cape Kiwanda in the US state of Oregon, where the extreme sportswoman had finished her first stage in autumn 2017. First, she head south to San Diego on the Mexican border. Then it goes by plane up to Kodiak in Alaska, where Freya Hoffmeister has interrupted the circumnavigation last year: there is now another three months to go to the Arctic, as it is relatively free of ice in the summer.

The Husumerin divided the 10-year mammoth project into two semicircles: The starting point is Seattle, the destination New York - once in the clockwise direction, once against. "The northern sections are ice-free for only a few months of the year: if I paddled in one direction only, the orbit would be extended by several years," said Hoffmeister.

Freya Hoffmeister has been sponsored by Aquapac for years with waterproof bags that are already aboard other extreme circuits of Freya such as Iceland, New Zealand, Australia and of course South America's 27,000 kilometers and 13 countries in 30 months.

More information here


16.12.2017 - Aquapac at the Boot Düsseldorf

Aquaman at  "The Boat"

After the season is before the season. Therefore: All friends of watersports or skippers be aware. Aquapac is back on the boat Düsseldorf. We present our range of waterproof bags: from our smallest bag, the Keymaster, via various bags for smartphones, mini tablets or tablets to VHF or our 90 liter duffels and drybags for the toughest requirements - and when it comes to "proper" water resistance without restrictions. The smaller bags are submersible to ten meters. Splashing or just "going overboard" is a breeze for the Aquapacs. It float with content, the touch screen can be operated through the clear film, you can make phone calls or take pictures and videos - in conditions that you have not dared to get out and use your device.

As in previous years you will find us in hall 12, the sales hall, booth B 68.

Make an appointment with our managing director Petra Lichtenberg: or phone (+49)5722 / 981050. Or just come over.

"The Boat" goes from Saturday, January 20, to Sunday, January 28, 2018.


12.12.2017 - Everything is ready


Everything ready

Others are preparing for Christmas, the four boys of Swiss Mocean on the crossing of the Atlantic - in the rowing boat. Yves Schultheiss, Lucas Baltensperger, Laurenz Elsässer and Marlin Strub have been in San Sebastian on the Canary Island of La Gomera for days, where the Talisker ™ Whiskey Atlantic Challenge kicks off on Tuesday 12 December 2017. Here the last preparations are made. Like boarding enough food for at least 90 days: 15,000 kilocalories per day per rudder. There comes something together.. A total of 28 teams are at the start.
The watertight pockets of Aquapac ™ have already proven themselves. As Lucas Baltensperger wrote us: "The waterbags are very well received. Even some have borrowed to other teams. The bags are always there! "
We keep our fingers crossed!

More here

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