VAT-Reduction: 3% now - on everything

Travel restrictions for Germany and large parts of Europe in the wake of the Corona crisis have been lifted. In the short term, the long-awaited and expected summer vacation can now be taken. Planning is underway and the vacation fund is being checked.

Aquapac helps with decisions: From now on, we are passing on the 3 percent reduction in value-added tax that the federal government is aiming for on July 1st. And with a 3 percent discount on every article in our shop (except for those that are already reduced). And: For every order with a value of EUR 100 or more, we pack a waterproof flashlight with a value of EUR 11.65.

So: don't be surprised at our crooked prices.

Corona effects

We are currently not affected and will deliver your order within one working day after receipt of payment.

100% waterproof – 26 years Aquapac™

Have you ever fought with a water damage on your smartphone, tablet & co.? In addition to the expensive device, especially data loss had to complain? Even if the manufacturer referred to this or that "water resistance"?

If you want to escape this anger, you are correct in our shop for 100% water and dustproof cases, bags and backpacks. For 26 years, we are specialized in waterproofing and the market leader. Aquapac ™ with its special closure system Aquaclip ™ is synonymous with waterproof bags that are submersible up to ten meters. Our tpu-foil keeps your device fully operable: the touch screen works. Through the air intake, the bag floats with content. So simply jump behind after it goes overboard.

Professional users such as emergency services, the police, the Bundeswehr, the DLRG, water rescue services, nursing services, laboratories or sailing and surfing schools also use Aquapacs.

We are the exclusive distributor for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


At present 50 % on most Arcya waterproof hardcases. And on some others too


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